02/06/2012: CMS delays the demonstration project for prior authorization of power mobility devices until June 1, 2012

CMS announced this month that the agency will implement the Prior Authorization of Power Mobility Devices (PMD) Demonstration on or after June 1, 2012. CMS first announced last November that it would implement the PMD demonstration starting January 1, 2012, but decided to delay implementation after numerous groups (including the ITEM Coalition) expressed concerns with the process.
In response to comments received from stakeholders, CMS has made a number of modifications to the Prior Authorization of PMD demonstrations:

•CMS has completed a separate Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) notification for this demonstration and the Recovery Audit Prepayment Review demonstration.
•CMS has removed the 100% Pre-Payment review phase (formerly Phase 1), which was our most immediate concern. The ITEM Coalition believes this process could have caused unnecessary disruption in access to mobility devices for Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities and chronic conditions.
•CMS will allow suppliers to perform the administrative function of submitting the prior authorization request on behalf of the physician/ treating practitioner.
•This demonstration will begin only after an OMB PRA control number is obtained. CMS anticipates the start of this demonstration will be on or after June 1, 2012.

For more information about these modifications see the CMS demo site.

CMS intends to conduct extensive education and outreach before and during the demonstration to clarify all demonstration requirements to ordering physicians, practitioners, suppliers and beneficiaries. The ITEM Coalition will keep its members updated on the opportunities for stakeholder outreach.

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